In the territory of villasimius is possible to develop different activities, besides the attractions of the beaches, to relax himself/herself/themselves in the centers comfort tasting the numerous benefits of the thalassoterapia, to risk him in the new sweater to nine holes, to make shopping up to late evening in the streets of the country, or to spend the evenings in the numerous places and restaurants.

Besides in the center, the whole year being inhabited, every kind of service is present (pharmacy, bank, set, medical watch, etc).

To around 100 meters from the shore it is possible to observe a community of tropical fishes as the fishes crossbow that the ideal habitat has found, to observe it is them enough to rent a roller skate in the numerous establishments where you/he/she is furnished at times some dry bread by to make to directly eat to the fishes from his/her own hands, dipping himself/herself/itself with mask and fins the effect it is that to swim inside an aquarium tropical unforgettable occasion to go off underwater photo to memory of this marvelous experience. The fishing sub is not allowed the protected sea area as the use of the motorbikes of water.

Water's sport:
In the establishments in the beach bunks and prices advantageous ombrelloni can be rented for the one who decides to go to the same beach for a week, besides the rental of the rafts allows to get further and to visit otherwise lines of coast inaccessible. They are practiced also numerous other sports offshore as the nautical ski and the transport with the parachute, the windsurf, the canoe and sail.

A beautiful day that directly begins to the I bring of villasimius to the hours 10.30 of the morning for the excursion to the islands on sailboat if the wind allows him/it or motor, with two standstills for the bath or the snorkeling, lunch on board and reentry in the afternoon at the 16.30 around.
Ideal for the lovers of the sail it gives the possibility to discover small hidden inlets and to admire the magnificent rocky features elaborated by the wind and by the waves of the sea. For the lovers of the sail, it would be magnificent to be able to find a day to spend on veliero that, time allowing, it will proceed to sail, departure every day from the I bring of Villasimius with lunch on board.

Besides the sweet tan , if you/he/she is not already provided of brevet in the progress of the various divings.


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Excursions trekking, mountain bike, in the Mountain of the "Sette Fratelli" and neighboring zones with visit to the nuraghis and the ancient jails of Castiadas,della forest where they live the Sardinian buck, the wild cat, the wild boar, the royal eagle and on the coast in the ponds of salty water the flamingo nests, a magnificent trip to contact with the nature.

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Who desires to draw near to these splendid animals in progress of every level or for magnificent walks to the sunset and nighttime.

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And' possible also to have a good time him to the guide of these particular proper cars for the runs of this wild territory.

Rental and driven excursions or individual use.
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